Many people will develop dizziness and balance problems during their lives. Here at our practice we can determine the cause and then develop a treatment regime specific to that need.

Dizziness can come from the neck, the inner ear or even the brain itself. But not all dizziness is Vertigo.

Some of the main causes of Vertigo and dizziness include

  • Vestibular Neuritis, where the nerve for balance in the inner ear stops working and severe dizziness develops.
  • BPPV, when cystals of calcium carbonate dislodge in your inner ear and trigger a room spinning vertigo. This is quite often a side effect of Vestibular Neurtis. This is readily treated after the diagnosis.
  • Meniere's Disease, with severe vertigo attacks accompanied by hearing changes and ringing in the ear (tinnitus).
  • Migrainous Vertigo, where a migraine can become associated with a room spinning form of vertigo.
  • Cervicogenic dizziness where the facets in the upper neck can trigger a loss of balance, particularly when associated with looking up. There are two physiotherapy techniques shown to be effective in treating this.

At your assessment, Adele and her team will assess and determine the cause of the problem, looking at your neck, your balance and testing your inner ear.

Treatment can be for the neck or using particle repositioning techniques that can return the crystals of the inner ear to the correct place. We will also develop a home exercise program to assist the recovery of your balance.

Our practice uses Infra-red goggles to record the nystagmus eye movements asociated with BPPV and you can see what the rest of us see when you have an attack. Have a look at the video clip below.

To do this assessment and treatment, Adele insist only the highest level of training and knowledge is accecptable. Adele has completed an  extensive training course with Professor Sharpe in Adelaide, to provide Gold Standard of treatment using current practices and techniques to optimise your recovery, for all forms of vertigo and balance problems.

We aim for a complete recovery in the shortest time possible and encourage active participation from you the patient.

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